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Welcome to R4

Welcome to R4 Canada, we aim to bring you the best prices and fast shipping on R4 and R4i cards. We aim to be different as we do not ship from Asia.

We offer a 30 day refund policy if you are not satisfied with your order.

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R4 game cards are used as adapters to your Nintendo DS gaming device. It comes in two models to go with the Nintendo DS models. The R4 game card is for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite. The r4i version is for the latest model which is Nintendo DSi. Both of these r4 game card versions are available.

For the r4 card adapter to work you need a memory card. The specific memory card that goes along with the r4 card is a SDHC micro memory card. The SDHC card fits into the r4 slot and goes right to the back of Nintendo DS. To upload games you must have the r4 software installed in the SD memory card. To start file transfer from your computer to the SD card you need SD card adapter or a micro SD card reader. Plug it onto your computer and start dragging the files to the folders in your SD directory. If you need help on how to transfer files and want to know more about r4 search videos on for additional information on You Tube.

Another awesome feature of the r4 game card adapter is its capability to store your favorite photos, music, and videos aside from your Nintendo DS games.


R4 DS is a new device which is available in the market. In fact, it's a device which is used for playing games in Nintendo DS. This device is also used for some other things such as play and listen music files like MP3, read e-books, view images or cartoon strips and watch movies. In the recent days several new gadgets are coming up to assist people, from this one of the useful devices is R4DS. The owners of Nintendo are not imagining like the games are not playing exclusive of this device. People who have interest in playing games are always seek for quite a lot of new gadgets for their games that will affix to their delightful devices and lifestyle and trendy look of the games.

R4 Ds or R4 cards are actually fancy device which will add up to the leisure of your games. You can have lots of fun and excitement with this device and most importantly the device is quite affordable for every one to make their orders. These products are available mostly in all games shops and it is quite easy to make your purchase through online shopping which will safe your money and time. It is always good to know about how this R4 DS works. The foremost thing you have to do is to store his/her games in a directory or a memory card. The RS DS players can probably save it in the microSD card. Another important thing is that keeping the backup of the DS file in case microSD gets struck up by any errors it will be very handy to have a backup file. Arranging the games according to game categories in separate folders will make you to easily access the games quickly. This also helps in fast browsing. Another important thing to remember is that never take out the R4 DS from the console whenever you want to add games or files. Right from the inception of this device into the market the demand has been keep on mounting day by day as people have analyzed the use of this awesome device.

A never before option of eBook reader, MP3 player and many more features in the Nintendo DS has been a major factor for the game lovers to purchase the devices which can't be witnessed with any other devices in the market. This would be the right time to pick up your purchase to get hold of your R4 DS device to experience the new world of gaming. Just log on to the website and purchase through online. You might just receive a good discount offer and also get trial period of 30 days or something. In case you are not satisfied with the device, you can even return it back for a full refund or replace your R4 DS for another gadget.

The Nintendo DSi incorporates the new and latest advance flash cartridge technology that gives your DSi card the capacity to accept a micro SD card to watch movies, browse pictures, read e-books, play music and do a host of other things too. It gives you a total and complete solution to address all the above needs. With the aid of the R4 ds you do not need to buy extra components or software as it is the easiest media enhancer that you can manage owing for your exclusive DSi console.


The R4DS is an amazing device created to allow Nintendo DS and DS lite users to add files that they previously would have only been able to use on other devices to their consoles. These files such as photos, videos, music and eBooks are all stored on the a Micro SD or SDHC memory card which can be inserted into the R4DS which then fits into the slot 1 on your DS console. The slot 1 is where you previously would have put games cartridges into your console.

By using an R4DS adapator with your console you can transform it from a regular gaming device into a fully fledged multimedia device which can replace many other devices in your home. No longer will you have the need for an iPod, you can play music on your DS! The capacity of your R4DS depends on the memory card you choose for it, we offer a few different bundles with memory cards already included meaning when you receive your R4 it is ready to go. As well as a memory card we also include the memory card reader which allows you to connect your Micro SD or SDHC memory card to your PC and transfer over any files you wish to playback on your Nintendo console. With a Micro SDHC memory card you can store up to 32GB of data on the internal chip whereas with the non Micro SD memory card you can only store up to 2GB. The size of the memory card you choose should depend on what you plan on using your R4DS for, for the avid gamer who plans on using theirs a lot and keeping many files we recommend the 32GB version, however for most users and family members 4GB is enough for the average needs.